Welcome to the Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia.

  Past Committee

  Position   Represented By     Company
  Hon. Secretary   Mr. Lee Kim Shah   Borneo Nature Tours

  Tel: 6088-238617

  Fax: 6088-254227

  e-mail: senagang@org.my  

  Hon. Treasurer   En. Faizul Hassan   Suniland Travel

  Tel: 6088-291577

  Fax: 6088-291530

  e-mail: laziafn@yahoo.com 



  Ms. Yeng Ling Hung   Api Tours

  Tel: 6088-420123

  Fax: 6088-420124

  e-mail: apitour@po.jaring.my 



  Mr. Philip Yong   Borneo Divers & Sea Sports

  Tel: 6088-222226

  Fax: 6088-221550

  e-mail: bdivers@po.jaring.my 



  Mr. Martin Shim   Exotic Borneo

  Tel: 6088-429224

  Fax: 6088-429024

  e-mail: exotic@po.jaring.my  



  Mr. Lim Vui King   Intra Travel Service

  Tel: 6089-274979

  Fax: 6089-274970

  e-mail: enquiry@intra-travel.com.my



  Ms. Tay Moi Kin   First Classic Travel Service

  Tel: 6087-423088

  Fax: 6087-423099



  Present Executive Committee Members:  2001/2003




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 Mr. Albert Teo


  Borneo Eco Tours

 Tel: 6088-234009

 Fax: 6088-260617

 e-mail: albert@borneoecotours.com 

  1st Deputy    Chairman

  Ms. Chu Shu Yen


  Adventure Journey World

  Tel: 6088-223918

  Fax: 6088-258105

  e-mail: shuyen@po.jaring.my  

Ms Chu Shu Yen is appointed by MATTA (Sabah Chapter) as the 1st Deputy Chairman for a two-year term 1999/2001. She operates Adventure JourneyWorld Travel, an inbound/outbound tour company and ticketing agency, which specialises in soft adventure tours and scuba diving.

2nd Deputy    Chairman

Mr. Francis Chong


  Supremo Travel

  Tel: 6089-777991

  Fax: 6089-763044

  e-mail: soosang@excite.com

Mr. Francis Chong is appointed by MATTA-Sabah Chapter as the 2nd Deputy Chairman for 3 years term from 1999-2001. He presently heads a travel company Supremo Travel Sdn. Bhd., based in Tawau Sabah.  He has more than 33 years in the travel trade and is also a committee member of SATTA and STA.

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